Biophysik Dresden
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DRESDEN is an exciting place for BIOPHYSICS

Driven by the expertise and the enthusiasm of several energetic research groups, Dresden has become an international hub for studying biophysics and for performing high-level biophysical research.

DRESDEN offers a wide spectrum of BIOPHYSICS

Biophysical research in Dresden offers a tremendous width in both, research topics and methods. As such, the dynamics of single molecules, the mechanics of single cells as well as the organisation of tissues are likewise addressed by experimental and theoretical approaches. Among the strong technical expertise are the fields of (nano)optical spectroscopy, optical microscopy, .... 

DRESDEN promotes BIOPHYSICS at several institutions

Biophysics in Dresden is constantly pushed forward at multiple locations, both within several departments of the Technische Universität (TU) Dresden as well as in a number research institutes outside TU Dresden. Interdisciplinary interactions with other fields of research are strongly supported by a unique culture of collegiality as well as by a number initiatives facilitating the setup and maintenance of collaborations. For example, DRESDEN-concept  runs a number of online platforms towards the synergistic usage of equipment (Technology Platform) and knowledge (Dresden Science Calendar).


This webpage aims to provide an overview of the BIOPHYSICS activities in DRESDEN.